How to Make Your Own Handmade Soap and Bath Bomb Mats at Home

DIY bath bombs are very easy to make, and this article gives you the top tips on how to do it. There are many different projects guides on the internet for various crafts like these. The best ones I have seen cover how to make a candle holder, how to decorate cookie bags, how to decorate jars and so much more! There is something for everyone. So how do you know what projects to use when you get ready for your next DIY bath bomb creation?

Begin by measuring out your dry ingredients and whisking them together in a big bowl. Then add a coloring pigment to your mixture, as this will be a dry powder. Next, add as much or as little of the dry ingredients as you wish to achieve the color or flavor that you like. Add the clump together and then refrigerate it while you continue with your other projects.

This is a great starting point for any beginner who wants to learn how to make DIY bath bombs. The first step is to mix together your basic bath bomb mix. You will need; three parts liquid acrylic acids, two parts water, and one part fragrance oil, or potpourri spray. When you are mixing the basic bath bomb mix, it is important to keep a close eye on the temperature and mix slowly and thoroughly.

Next, we will start to add the essential oils to your mix. Some great oils to use for diy bath bombs are lavender, bayberry, rosemary, Neroli, sweet orange, coconut, lilac, lemon, lime, and peach. You may also choose to use these different scents instead of the others for a more exotic or interesting scent. In addition, you can choose from many different oils when making these homemade bombs. It is important to mix these oils well so they will have an aroma that everyone will enjoy.

Now that your basic mixture is ready, you are ready to start adding your special scents. For this project you will want to either melt beeswax or chocolate chips into your molds. Once melted, simply place your molds of choice on the foil and pour the melted wax or chips in. Once all of your melted wax or chips have been added to your molds, allow them to cool and then carefully remove them from the molds. Once you have removed your finished homemade bombs from the molds, gently tap them against each other to cool and set them aside to allow them to harden.

While you are waiting for your wax or chips to harden you can also gather up all of your essential oils and pour them into a jar. Once you have gathered all of your essential oils and placed them in a jar you will want to heat up your oil mixture. Once your oil mixture is heated up you will then add your molds and pour in your essential oils. After the wax has completely cooled down you will simply shake and mix this mixture together until you have created your beautiful handmade creations of your homemade soap and bath bombs!

After your basic homemade soap and bath bomb mixes have hardened you are now ready to add your powder. For this project you will want to either melt your powder or stir it into your molds. Once your powder has been melted you will simply add it to your basic soap and bath bomb mixture. Stirring your powder into your mix will ensure that your powder is evenly mixed and therefore will not clump. Once your powder has been added all you have left to do is pour it into your molds and let it set overnight.

One thing that I recommend doing before pouring your new DIY bath bombs into your molds is to thoroughly clean out all of your baking pans, and then to carefully remove the metal spouts from those pans. You want to ensure that your finished product will be completely safe for use and ready to decorate! If you find that the food coloring is clogging your pans or the metal spouts you may simply need to remove the food coloring and re-do your mold making process until your DIY bath bombs flow properly. Another option is to simply use canned pea gravel as a replacement for the clay. This can create the same effect as the food coloring without clogging up your molds.