Crafting a DIY Paw Print Ornament

Made from a salt-dipped clam shell, these soft and squishy Paw Printorn ornament ideas are made to remember a fun time spent with you pet. These are a soft and squishy treat you can give as gifts during the holidays or special occasions. These projects are an excellent way to not only show your affection but also be creative. These projects are so easy and quick to make, you could make more than one. So made for you dog lover who needs a treat for a pet?

These soft and squishy paw print ornament ideas are an excellent keepsake to have for your very special pet and are also simple to create. You could use this same treat for your child’s first Christmas or if they’re a baby. There are many different Christmas ornament ideas to choose from and are simple to create, ornaments such as paw print bells, Christmas stockings, Christmas trees. Also consider the “Christmas” ornament such as the paw print stocking ornaments. The Christmas tree and stocking ornaments come in various shapes and sizes and are colorful and simple to create for any Holiday.

This is an ornament that you could make and give as a gift to your friend or family member as well. It is simple to do and has a great way to express yourself. The kits come with a large cookie cutter which you cut the cookies with. After you bake them you can glue them on the cookie cutter with a salt dough handprint or frost them with a smooth paste to create a beautiful cookie ornament. These are great way to let your creativity shine through.

How to make a paw print ornament for Christmas? It is really quite simple. First you need to purchase some beautiful gingerbread cookies. You also need a small bit of wax paper to cover the cookie cutter so that the cookie does not melt. You will want to wrap the whole thing in a clear plastic bag so that your homemade dog ornament does not show up on your bathroom mirror. You will want to use either white craft paint or silver markers for this project.

Next you will need to purchase a medium size brush and a small package of modeling compound. You should be able to find these products at your local craft store. You will also need to purchase a small silver or gold marker to color the gingerbread cookies. If you are making these gifts for other people, they may already have these items so you can just buy a package of them to tide them over.

Once you have all your supplies, you will need to create a great picture to display it on your paw print ornament. You will first need to find a large photograph that you can frame and make into a frame. You will want to make sure that the photo is free of red ink stains and is free of wrinkles. After this step, you can glue the paw print onto the top of the frame. You will want to make sure that you place a ribbon at the top of the frame to give people a way to see the picture.

For the next step, you will need to create some ornaments. This could include a pink ribbon in the color of the paw print ornament and white craft paint. You should have some of white spray paint available as well. These items can be purchased from your local craft store or online. After you have completed your ornaments, you will then need to attach the pink and white sprays of paint to the decorations that you have previously made.

Making these homemade ornaments is fun and very rewarding. It allows you to express your love for your beloved pet in a unique way. If you do not feel that you are good at crafting or you simply do not have the time, then shopping for these types of crafts online is the next best option. Shopping online will provide you with a wide array of paw print accents that you can choose from, as well as other crafting projects.